Episode 63: Three Farms, One Dinner

We had the great pleasure of making a dinner with chef and writer Samin Nosrat at the famed Tartine Bakery. The bakery is not normally a restaurant, but once a month it closes and Samin throws a dinner party of sorts.  For this “after hours” event, we harvested ingredients from three farms: Riverdog Farm, Sunny Slope Orchard, and Pluck and Feather — A diverse group of growers that showcase the bounty of the bay area.

12 responses to “Episode 63: Three Farms, One Dinner”

  1. sean via CLE says:

    Holy shit that segment was cool!! In that short clip i felt like i wanted to hang out with all of those people and pick their brains over a meal. This has been a great journey so far and i am happy to be along for the ride.

  2. jenniferlindahl says:

    I swear I could smell the bread baking!

  3. L Yarbrough says:

    Danny! Epic.

  4. Jogflaxent says:

    Klein, thank you very much for the several messages you sent, as a farmer I have enjoyed every bit of all the parts I have watched. I could not respond immediately becausae I had travelled to Mongbwalo a Gold mining area in the Democratic Republic of Congo and couldnt access the net.I will spare time, watch every episode and respond but I must say,”Its wonderful!”


  5. john deere says:

    they just get better and better!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Daniel and Mirra, thanks for the nice visit! Love your filming and music choices. If you find you way back here someday please come and eat more fruit in the treehouse!

    • Anonymous says:

      THanks Bill – it was so great to meet you and your fruit. A truly eye(mouth?) opening experience. ALl the best! and yes, the music is one of my favorite parts too.

  7. KABPatrone says:

    Really wishing there was taste-o-vision for this episode! These episodes make my day. Thanks!
    Kerry Patrone

  8. You left us hanging at the end. Did she love your carrot-tops or didn’t she?!

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