Episode 67: Kids at a Farm

I really wanted to make an episode called “Portlandia”, but it just didn’t happen.  Instead we visited an amazing farm/project. It had kids farming (really farming), working all day and selling their produce.  And these teenagers got paid — it’s about time!  So this video shows some young farming followed by a dinner we did with Plate and Pitchfork on the farm…with the kids in attendance and a good time had by all.

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  1. Bless those kids and thank you so much for getting the word out about these educational forays into good eats.

  2. Fillyfilm says:

    VEGGIE OF THE WEEK IS SUGAR SNAP PEAS!!! really great footage once again!. The music was really awesome in this episode. keep it up

  3. Brother Peter says:

    orange hat

  4. Anna Crisologo says:

    This really makes me think about how I will run youth programs in my own career. Also Mirra is pretty much the best person ever and I hope she knows it!

  5. Bernsjen says:

    was this in Oregon? great episode! thanks so much

  6. Jacqui says:

    Fab. episode, love the music. Keep it coming-one of the highlights of my week!

  7. Jacqui says:

     Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Canberra, Australia.

  8. Pandora Softly says:

    Long time watcher here… first time
    commenter. Felt I needed to share!

    Really enjoy the content and bringing
    the truths of our fragile food network to more people. Every death
    has a face, whether you’re willing to confront it or no! The show is
    entertaining, informative, fun, and inspiring. Will keep watching, I
    just wanted to ask…What is up with the AUDIO?!? Having to
    strain to hear what people are saying one minute, only to be
    assaulted by some out-of-place tune/jig at obscene volumes a split
    second later is not kosher, or fun. Also, putting songs frequently
    with unintelligible lyrics and jaunty, inharmonious beats throws off
    the professional “feel” of the show. A quarter of the time I turn
    off the audio completely when you’re not talking to the subjects! Get
    someone else to pick the music, or add more instrumentals, or
    SOMETHING! Please, and thanks.

    Just had to express that. Thanks for
    doing what you do, and continue doing it!!

    • Anna Crisologo says:

      I for one disagree – I love the music and the feel it gives to the episodes!

    • Anonymous says:

      YOur entitled to not like the music, however the sound levels may have to do with your computer, also, One of the things we get the MOST compliments about on the show is the choice of music.  I occasionally have people on various episodes complain about the sound levels, unfortunately I cannot balance it for everyones computer.  Sorry it didn’t sound good on yours.    

    • Aaron says:

      I agree with Anna — (and disagree with Pandora). I love the music. It’s different each time, supports small musicians and gives every episodes a unique feel. After each episode I cant wait to get to the end and see who the musicans were. On a side note I think the comment “get someone else to pick the music” is really unkind… especially from a long time supporter of the show.

  9. Charlie Magee says:

    Regarding the audio levels and complaints/comments . . . I don’t think it’s so much what computer someone has or how they have their settings. It seems more to do with the variations in recording. The songs, obviously, have been recorded very well, but the filming seems to primarily be using the on-camera mic. Those mics will do in a pinch, but you’re asking a lot of them especially when outdoors on a windy day. Then, sometimes you’re close to the speaker, sometimes far away, sometimes more than one person is talking, etc. All those issues add up to viewers leaning forward for a quiet speaker on a windy day, and then lurching for the volume slider when the music kicks in.

    You can deal with a lot of that in Final Cut, but the best thing, when you get a few bucks ahead, is to invest in a wireless mic or two. They work great.

    Other than that, just discovered your site today and now I get to look forward to catching up. Beautiful, awesome, inspiring! Thanks for doing what you do. Next time, stop in Eugene, Oregon. I can show you lots of cool local food stuff.

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  13. kids tops says:

    Kids at farm will help to to develop some of the important values like being responsible, and hardworking.

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  15. Cillaadaie says:

    ok i love justin bieber but no this

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