Episode 97: Lizard Patrol

Over the course of thirty years, the Island of Boca Grande in Florida went from having zero Iguanas to over 10 thousand. This invasive species was making it impossible for native plants and animals to survive. The island finally decided to do something about it, they called George Cera. We went on trip around the highland with this hired gun… and of course we ate some lizard.

11 responses to “Episode 97: Lizard Patrol”

  1.  Awesome! One of my favorite recent episodes. Did he elaborate any more about how development has wrecked the island?

  2. Matildalee says:

    They are having the same problem in Puerto Rico.  I went 12 years ago and the stray iguanas were “cute.”  I went 6 years ago and they were a “nuisance.”  I went in February and they are EVERYWHERE. 

  3. Brother Peter says:

    lizard is delicious

  4. Man you found some cool stuff going on around that big country of yours.

  5. Fredcayou says:

    Unfortunately, the Bible strictly forbids the consumption of lizards of any kind (all reptiles are forbidden but it specifies geckos) so most Christians, Jews, and Muslims would not be allowed to help with the management/eating of this invasive species if they want to get into Paradise or Heaven (where I assume, there are no lizards).

  6. Leafy1 says:

    Shame that brown rats here in the UK aren’t edible..as I have dispatched a few thousand of them over the years.

  7. cruzian mama says:

    HELP! We live in St. Croix,USVI and are infested with Iguanas . Did you know that their feces has salmonella? They poop all around our pool area . I want someone to come here and open up a restaurant “The Iguana Hut”!

  8. Hatchling lucifer says:

    How could you say they are overpopulated or whatever bullshit when humans not only came to that land, killed other humans over it, took over the world, and slowly drained the resources away…explain to me how we reptiles are the pests again?

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