Season 1

The Perennial Plate Trailer

Hello everyone. Thanks for checking out my new online series. Here is the trailer — and there is much to follow, in fact, every week there will be a new episode.

I decided to make this show in an attempt to combine my three passions… food, film and creating positive change in this world. After spending most of my life in England and New York, I’ve decided to pursue this project where I was born, Minnesota.

More and more, what we eat is of paramount importance, and as I live in the Midwest, I’ve decided to make this show about the way I would like to eat here. I want to be eating delicious, adventurous and above all, sustainable food.

There’s a lot going on in Central Time Land — great people doing great things, carrots waiting to be planted, deer hoping not to get shot, and miles and miles of corn.

Enjoy, and come back soon. — Daniel.