Episode 45: Bunnies. Part Two: The Kitchen

Last week we had the (dis?)pleasure of experiencing the life and death of 2 rabbits.  This week, in the rabbit’s afterlife, I make a terrine.  A terrine is like a fancy meatloaf, and it’s a corner stone of nose-to-tail cooking. Watch the episode, and seriously — try making a terrine — it’s easy, delicious and seems impressive (it is French, afterall).  Look for the recipe on Wednesday.

6 responses to “Episode 45: Bunnies. Part Two: The Kitchen”

  1. John Atkinson says:

    The bunny references are subtle. The food looks good, and though rabbit seems to be a commoners food and the thing you made doesn't. Great combo to be continued videos. For some reason the weeks break to digest the dead bunny makes it all seem just normal.

  2. Jeff Oran says:


  3. Ben says:

    Utterly delicious. I like the theme of having a group of people eating the culinary creations. Brings it all back to community.

  4. Genna says:

    Great video. Love the pace and humor of this one! And the terrine looks amazing.

  5. Maesa says:

    just found your blog after reading an article in Cattle Business Weekly and I’m so so happy! Love it!!

  6. toketoke says:

    plastic wrap + oven = carcinogenic food

    plastic/saran wrap is commonly still made using PVC, a volatile polymer that leaches plasticizers when heated

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