We’re going across the country.

Holy S#@t,

52 weeks ago we released our first episode to a few friends and family in Minnesota and England.  Now, a year later we have over 12,000 weekly views, the show is syndicated on Huffington Post, and now Serious Eats, and I’ve been able to meet so many local and national people who are doing great, important things with food. Needless to say, it has been a very good year: full of learning, new friendships and a lot of hard (and fun) work.

So, what do you do now?  The opening sequence of the series says “A year in Minnesota” and that year is OVER.  So, staying true to my word, we are stopping episodes in Minnesota (and trust me, its going to be a shocker next week when I am not rushing to edit and upload Monday’s video).  But rest assured we will not be silent for long…

This May, The Perennial Plate will continue, but this time it will be across the country.  We will be traveling from Minnesota to Texas to Oregon to New York to Florida and back home.  Six months on the road — releasing a new episode every week.  This will be a real food road trip, where we get to know the local food heroes in the far flung corners of the USA.

And of course WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Here is a list:

  • 1. Share your stories.  We are looking to have this journey across the country be guided by the viewership, by you and your friends.  So go on the site and submit the best stories about food in your town or state.  You can also tell us good places to stay (like on your couch) or eat (your kitchen table?).
  • 2. Donations. We are doing another Kickstarter campaign.
  • We are raising $20,000 and could really use your help.  Even if it is just $5, every little bit counts.   If we got $5 from everyone who visited the website this week, we would reach our goal right away.
  • 3. Tell everyone you know.  I realize that you have already done this, but remember that friend from 3rd grade that hated peanut butter, tell him too.
  • 4. Visit our NEW SITE (designed by our friends at Lyra)
  • 5. Keep in touch. This year was possible because of you.  I truly appreciate your support, feedback, encouragement and help.  Thank you so much.

Thanks for watching, sharing and eating
Daniel Klein