An Ode to Mirra

About a year ago I asked Mirra if she would hold the camera for a few minutes while I butchered a lamb.  Since that first bloody moment, she has been an indispensable part of The Perennial Plate.

On Mirra’s birthday I would like to thank her for…

  • A. Doing an incredible job at filming and taking pictures.
  • B. Being such a reasonable and dedicated vegetarian. (Mirra gave up Meat after the first Turkey episode.  She hasn’t changed course, yet she supports the show in all its challenging animal moments)
  • C. For putting up with me…  I smash frogs heads.  I wake her up way before she wants to.  I take her to esoteric restaurants.  I guilt her about drinking Coca Cola.
  • D. For leaving her family for 6 months to be on the road.
  • E. For being hilarious.  Have you read her blogs?
  • F. For opening the hearts of all of the subjects in our show.  People often ask how we get people to seem so comfortable on Camera.  That would be Mirra.  She is a true listener and she can put anyone at ease.  And at the end of each shoot, she will be best friends with the folks in our films.

It shouldn’t be easy to spend 6 months traveling and working with someone, but with Mirra it is a joy.  I couldn’t ask for a better co-conspirator on this trip.  This show wouldn’t be possible without her…  THANK YOU MIRRA and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!