A Very Special Visitor

So I debated writing this blog entry because it’s on a topic that is quite personal and I hesitate to broadcast to the entire Perennial Plate following. But it’s also something I’m very excited about and stands out among the many adventures in Colorado. So what the heck, here we go…

There’s a girl I like a lot.

About halfway through our two-month stay in Colorado, I was fortunate enough to have this special lady friend come visit me. We met not long ago at the beginning of summer. Now she’s my girlfriend. She lives in New York.  Her name is Ryann. This is her.


Although I knew Ryann was coming to visit me for a while, we put off scheduling an actual itinerary for our travels until two days before her arrival. Turns out our procrastination didn’t hurt, seems like literally anywhere you go in Colorado is going to be fun and beautiful, especially when you’re with someone you’re into.

Ryann rented a car in Denver and drove it to meet me in Telluride, where I was filming a story.  I was supposed to pick her up at the car rental drop off, but she accidently gave me the wrong address. Since she put the same incorrect directions into her phone, instead of meeting at the Hertz parking lot we found ourselves reuniting on a winding country road atop a misty mountain side overlooking Telluride. #Romantic.

Ryann-2 2
Not a bad way to start the trip.

From there it just got better. We went to Crested Butte where we stayed at an off-the-grid cabin home, hiked a 14,000 ft mountain ( a “14er” they call them), and foolishly picked a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers and posted a photo of it to Instagram. (DO NOT do this! You will be greatly scolded). We know better now.

Summiting a mountain in Crested Butte.

Later we continued on to Breckenridge, where we met some of Ryann’s friends for fun Fourth of July celebrations and beer. Lots of beer. Finally, we ended in Denver and had a more traditional “date night” – hitting up a local brewery (yes, more beer) and eating a delicious meal at Root Down, one of the city’s more popular restaurants that is ideal for going out with your sweet thang. There I had to say goodbye to Ryann as she flew back to New York. I stayed behind to finish off the project in Colorado. But her visit has left me with many fond memories to look back on and exciting plans for the future together…

Yep, that’s right: she’s coming to Ireland! (And already signed up for babysitting duty. Lucky James)

A quick selfie in a field of wildflowers.


Outside Denver Brew Co.  [Mural painted by Ryann’s friends! (@Greetingstour)]