Equal Exchange Coffee Videos

This summer I had the good fortune of taking a trip with a team of Equal Exchange employees to middle of nowhere Peru.  The middle of nowhere was Bahuaja-Sonene Naitonal Park and the coffee growing towns that surround this protected area.  To get to our starting point, we took two planes followed by a 12 hour drive (some of it at 14,000 feet).  From there, shorter trips of hours of driving and hours of walking up hill topped off this grueling travel.  The trip to Peru wasn’t quite as glamorous as it initially seemed.  But after filming a woman wheel a 50lb bag of coffee 6 miles down a mountain, all complaints were off.  If there is one lesson I was reminded of on this trip, it was the undeniable fact that coffee is hard work.  Watch these videos to come along on the adventure and see what goes into each cup of coffee you drink.

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