Introducing the Next Member of our Team

Please welcome the newest member of our team!  We didn’t find him in the park (that was Frankie) and Mirra certainly didn’t birth him (that was James), but we’re super happy we found him — as he is a badass filmmaker.  Hunter Johnson has been working behind the scenes with us for a while.  He came on board as an editor for The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast editing some of its most memorable segments — and when that project finished, we found ways to keep him working with us.  He went to the Galapagos to film this:

Then he joined me in Honduras and Boston to film and edit this:

and he went to the Dominican Republic to film this:

Yesterday, he hit the road to Colorado (and will be joining us in Ireland and Mexico as well).  Expect blog posts from him here with photos and stories from behind the scenes, also you can follow him on Instagram at @hunterfotos

Anyways, we owe him big for leaving MN behind for 6 weeks at a time to run around with our family.  Welcome Hunter and Thank you!

Hunter on his way to Colorado
Hunter on his way to Colorado