Film Shoots with Baby


These days, when we venture out on a shoot with neither a babysitter nor Hunter, Daniel and I split up the work: One of us films our intended subject while the other watches the baby. Last week, Daniel went up the mountain in the Burren with a sheep farmer while James and I stayed back on the farm. Within a few minutes, he had changed into his wellies and was running through the open fields while the farm dogs trailed close behind. For the next couple of hours that farm was our playground. James discovered horse manure, climbed on the tractor, mooed at the cows and growled at the sheep. He fell in the mud, stumbled on the rocky dirt road, and had his diaper changed a couple of times in the back of the car. He squealed when he noticed the cat watching him from her perch on the warm chimney, and he munched on biscuits and butter made by the farmer’s wife. He slept the whole ride home and didn’t even realize that he was the luckiest boy in the world.