You’re going round the world?!

“It’s all down hill from here.”  Or so I told my brother when we found out that Season 3 of The Perennial Plate was happening.    I don’t like to boast, but it’s pretty unavoidable when you find out that you are going to be spending the next year and half traveling around the world, telling stories about real food and the people behind it.

When we finished up our road trip last year and the 51 weekly episodes from around the country, we had a… “what the F are we going to do next” type moment.  Tackling the world seemed like a logical progression, but a very daunting one.  Mostly because we had no idea how we could afford such a trip.  Y’all had supported us not once, but two times on Kickstarter in order to make the Minnesota and US seasons happen.  We felt like we had already asked too much from the folks who watch our show.  So when we got a call from a travel company asking us if we wanted to go to Vietnam and blog/film about our experience — deciding whether or not to go took all of 5 seconds.  Hopefully you saw the video that came from that adventure (if not here it is).  Hundreds of thousands of views later, a new partnership was born.

It works out really well.  Intrepid Travel has a network of guides around the world, already knowledgeable about the local food and culture.  Add in our ideas for sustainable food stories …and a series starts to form.  Our first trip is to Japan and China, followed shortly thereafter by trips to India, Morocco, Italy, Argentina, South Africa and more.  Our plan is to spend 2-3 weeks in each of the 12 countries over the course of the next year and a half.  We’ll release at least 3 videos per country on a bi-weekly basis.  We know it’s the tip of the iceberg as far as capturing what “real food” means around the globe and we know that flying around the world is not very “sustainable”, but we think it’ll be a valuable series in this overly connected world.

What do you have to look forward to?  Think: Rooftop farms in Beijing,  Grass fed beef in Argentina, blue fin tuna spawning in Japan, Tea in Sri Lanka and some hardcore food porn in Italy.  We leave in September, and we’ll be sharing stories from the road before our first videos come out in late October.

So join the adventure, send us your ideas, and stay tuned. It’s going to be an amazing adventure.