And We’re Off!

I’m so excited.   I went through nervous and really stressed out, but now I’m just really looking forward to making some movies again. Creating a short documentary every week became part of my life last year, and its been missing for the last couple months.   It will be awesome to have that back.  The fun part is that between now and Next Monday, I have no idea what’s going to happen.  Who knows what great characters we will meet and how that will translate onto film.  And the pressure is on! When I started making these movies, it was just my mom watching.  Not anymore… but that’s a good thing because THIS SHOW IS ABOUT CHANGING THE WAY WE EAT IN AMERICA.  I don’t present it that way, I don’t want to tell people what they should eat, but you and I know that the system is broken and we need to fix it.  That’s why we are going on this trip.  Sure it’s going to be badass to travel around America meeting incredible people and cooking/eating great food, but this is about reaching a large audience and telling true and inspiring stories that entertain, inform AND help create some change.

So please watch the episodes and enjoy them, and learn or just be entertained, but also share these great stories.  We are going to try to put out a weekly episode, as well as a shit load of blogs, recipes, tweets, map updates and whatever other technological communication methods that may be out there (including an App coming soon!!) –  and you continue to spread the word, meet up with us on the road and eat real food.

Thank you so much.