Oh the lies she tells!

Mirra has been getting a lot of attention from her blog.  Lots of views, Tweets, etc. I’m very happy for her, but I feel like I have to get on here and set the record straight. She’s been talking a lot of smack, and it just aint right. So let’s just explore a few examples of the misinformation that I stumbled upon as I scanned Mirra’s recent blog entries…

  1. Daniel has “yearly outfit changes”It is actually just yearly sweatshirt changes.
  2. “Then I met Daniel Klein and he ruined my life”I didn’t ruin your life, just your relationship with corn products.
  3. “I handle the actual planning of the route and he goes out to fancy luches and suns himself.”This is only partially true, the lunches are not fancy.
  4. Daniel is a “gun slinging hippie”I don’t own a gun or berkenstocks.
  5. “I’ve been told they [cans of Coke] will be strongly frowned upon during the trip”Not frowned upon, but banned entirely.

Thank you.