Trump in Ireland


Probably the most asked question during our two months in Ireland from farmers and fishermen, chefs and hunters has been, “so what do you think of Trump?”  No joke — every single Irish person I’ve talked to for more than 30 seconds has broached the subject.  My response always (except once) received a: “Oh thank God, it’s madness isn’t it?!” (the Irish public has been polled on Trump and he only has 6% support here).

We had been excited to not be around for the election madness. We thought that in Ireland we would have a little peace from the onslaught of “news”… but it is a global phenomenon and Ireland, with its rich and deep ties to the US, fancies itself at the heart of the race.

So as we finish up our last few days in this fine land, and head home to our own country (where the Irish were once hated immigrants) to vote on the 8th, I just needed to use my small internet presence to encourage folks to vote.  As any new father, I can see the future where my child asks “what did you do?” I’ll say, “I ran away to Ireland, and then I blogged about it.”  A pathetic response maybe, but better than nothing.

I think our show has always been pretty balanced — it provides perspectives that appeal to all types of people.  So I imagine to have some Trump, Hillary and Bernie or Bust folks that tune in from time to time.  I’m proud of that.  I know that if you watch this show, you understand the value of nature and of relationships, of real people, of work and a general love of life.  So even if you are considering Trump, I know it is for a reason other than you “like him”.

All this is to say, I don’t have anything new to bring to the conversation.  I’m just adding my name to the list of people who are asking you to vote in a way that that will keep Trump out of office: for my Son, for Mexicans, for Women, for Muslims, for the LGBTQ community, for Immigrants, for America… and for the Irish.