What is P6? (in movie form!)

If you are lucky enough to shop at a Coop Grocery Store, you may have seen a logo around that says “P6”. But if you are like me, you weren’t quite sure what it meant. This summer we were asked to make a few videos explaining just that. In case you don’t watch the videos, P6 is kind of like a coop stamp of approval — any product labeled with the P6 must fit at least 2 of the 3 following criteria: is it a cooperative business, a small business or a local business? Basically, you know that if you purchase those products, your money isn’t going to a multinational corporation. It is instead helping to build a better food system in your immediate community. I find it to be very helpful, and so was happy to work with the coops to make these films. In addition to making an informational film about the meaning of P6, we also made two additional films about a couple P6 producers. And the organization generously let us use some of the footage in the first episode of The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast — so if you missed the Minnesota episode, these videos have a lot in common. Thanks and shop smart! For more information visit:

Principle 6 Cooperative Trade Movement from Principle Six on Vimeo.

Mhonpaj's Garden: A P6 Producer from Principle Six on Vimeo.

LTD Farm: A P6 Producer from Principle Six on Vimeo.