Spring! Ramps and Thank you!

Today, the last of the snow in our backyard melted.  It has been a long winter — as it usually is in Minnesota (although I’ve only experienced two).  This extended period of long-underwear, wool socks, and root vegetable stews is the reason why more people don’t live in here.  But as the snow melts and the temperature rises above 32, there is real joy.  It’s not just a nice day for us… it’s excitment, anticipation and even a relaxation (of whatever muscles are used in shivering).  And for me, most of all it’s the search for wild foods that gets me out walking in the woods.

Over the course of the last year of making episodes about food in Minnesota, of all the topics, foraging has peaked my interest the most.  I suppose it is so with any subject, but the more you learn, the more wonderful and intriguing it becomes.  A walk in the woods is not just beautiful, it is a shopping trip and a treasure hunt.  So this time of year is the most exciting of all.  Not only is it not freezing, but things are popping out of the ground one little leaf at a time. Because we are going to be on the road for the whole growing season, we aren’t planting our garden and thus the perennials that are shooting out of the soil have a similar magic to that of wild foods.  Sorrel and Rhubarb, chives and ramps.  Oh yes, ramps.

We are having a pizza party this Saturday (you are invited), and I’ve been hoping and praying for ramps, ferns and nettles.  Anything wild and green to put on those pizzas.  And today while walking along the mississippi we stumbled upon the green leaves shooting out from beneath the leaves.  A site for sore eyes.  I took a little bite and was filled with a bit of energy. The only part of the road trip that I am not looking forward to, is the fact that we will be missing some of Minnesota’s spring… So may the weather stay warm, with a bit of rain here and there… and lets get this foraging party started.

On Another note… Thank You! It’s really unbelievable how generous and awesome you are.  Over the past 3 weeks, we have raised over $20,000 from 425 people.  The fact that you believe in this project enough to give your hard earned money is really inspiring.  I can’t thank you enough.  Together you have have made it possible for us to get going on making Season 2 of The Perennial Plate.  As a way of giving you your money’s worth, we are going to make 6 months worth of bad-ass videos about Real Food.  We are in full swing of planning out episodes and events across the country and we are really excited about the prospects.