a new adventure

I remember when I first met Daniel and Mirra. They were living in their former apartment and their chihuahua, Frankie, was just a recent addition to their family. One morning, Daniel and I were getting out of the car and he casually mentioned, “Oh yeah, Hunter…Mirra’s pregnant.” Now they live in a house on Powderhorn Park with their son, the cutest little-knee-walker ever, James. All this is to say that, since starting with Perennial Plate nearly two years ago, a lot has changed. Certainly for their growing family, but for me as well.

I’ve had a lot of different roles. They brought me in as an editor for a TV series. When we finished that, they kept me on as we did new things. I began going out and shooting with them. Sometimes, when I was lucky, these projects involved international travel (like on a boat in the Galapagos Islands!). Eventually, I began to take on a producer role, helping to plan and execute longer-form documentaries. Many of these films have not yet been released, but we’re very excited about them. Working with Mirra and Daniel has been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot from them about storytelling, and I’ve grown through my exposure to so many different areas of filmmaking.

Colorado-3 2

Hunter’s “office” in Durango.

But even with all this gained experience, I can say that this new project, “A Season-In” – in which we’ll spend months at a time living in places like Colorado, Ireland and Mexico –  will be unlike anything I’ve done before. Why’s that? It’s not exclusively because of the traveling involved – I’ve been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of that in past work.  What makes this project completely unique is that it will require me to take on yet another new role. In addition to my filmmaker, editor, and producer roles at Perennial Plate, this time I will be a surrogate member of their wonderful family.


An iconic Colorado landscape taken on the long road trip from Minnesota.

As we adventure together in foreign places to capture exciting stories, I will have the opportunity to share time with them as a family. Likely babysitting James, watching him grow and learn new things every day, and taking Frankie outside for the occasional walk (aka circle sprint). I’m excited to get to know them even better. Both professionally and personally, there’s many layers to this new adventure. And I’m feeling ready for all of them.