Escaped cows, motels and movies

We’ve found ourselves all the way to Syracuse NY – just a stop for the night.  We had planned to be filming today at The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen.  But it fell through.  A pretty disappointing experience, especially for Mirra.  Here we’ve been killing pigs and fishing and visiting ranches, and the one thing Mirra wants to do is visit the cows, pigs and chickens that have been rescued from that fate.  We had been planning it for months, and had finalized and confirmed the dates (even planned our trip around it), and all of a sudden they said no.  We are looking for another place, but its a shame.  We really try to represent lots of different ideas on the show, different ways of life etc and I thought it would be great to show the vegan perspective.

Anyways, its Thursday night and as usual, the episode for Monday has barely been started.  It seems to happen this way every week.  We film, we drive and the realize that a whole episode needs to happen.  If we had been procrastinating it would be something like studying for a test, but I like creating the films – it brings some closure to the experiences we have had. So we are in a hotel in Syracuse, or on the outskirts (where the hotels are cheaper), and recovering, or remembering our latest and greatest visit to an Organic Valley farmer in OH.  I want to write all about it, but I think the video in a few weeks will illuminate how awesome the experience was.

Thanks for the great response this week to the sheep video.  Sometimes we know when we’ve hit a winner, but that lamb video was sort of a sleeper hit.  Mellow in nature, we expected only a the most dedicated folks to watch, but its really encouraging to see people pass it around (on Twitter particularly).  I think it highlights an important trend these days – eat less meat.  I think most folks who are actively engaged in their diets and its impact on the world know that we need a shift – so its cool to see someone who actually raises meat for a living, going that path as well.