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We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Tastemade and Youtube.  At the start of our world tour they invited us to create some cooking videos for them and to share our content.  Since we focus our attention on Vimeo, we thought it would be great to have someone spreading the word on youtube.  Also, we felt that we had lost some of the cooking aspect of the show in our international travels and wanted to make sure we got spend some time cooking the food we were eating and learning about. So “In the Kitchen” arm of The Perennial Plate has been born.  On top of all that, we get a lot of comments like “why isn’t Mirra in the show more?”  — She is shy and usually tries to stay off camera, but I’ve convinced her to let a second camera (operated by our friend Kevin Obsatz) capture the filmmaking process, which usually entails me messing up in the kitchen and her making fun of me….

Over the next four weeks, we’ll be releasing cooking segments featuring recipes from India, Japan, China and Sri Lanka.  If you don’t quite catch everything from the video (it goes pretty fast), we will also be posting the details on our recipe page.  Unlike the videos on our website these videos will have advertisements (and they can be for just about anything).  We’ve always made sure to keep ads off our primary videos and it will continue to be that way, but if you want to watch our cooking shows, you may have to sit through an ad about a dating service or corn derived food product.  Still, we are super proud of the new series and hope you enjoy the recipes and the show as much as we enjoyed making them.

btw – the awesome intro was made by Squawk Productions 

ps – please comment on youtube, apparently it really helps.  thanks!


  • Niles

    That’s definately her move.

    • danielpklein


  • Brian

    When are the two of you going to get married? Daniel, what’s the deal? She’s a keeper.

    • danielpklein

      that’s a good question, we’ve talked about it and decided that first we need to go on a vision quest and a rumspringa

      • Joel Peterson

        When aren’t you two going on vision quests and rumspringas? Seriously, it’s all you two do together!

    • Mirra Fine

      Thanks Brian, you are too kind

  • spiralgal

    Thanks, I love the video clips and this recipe sharing is awesome!

  • Kevin Kossowan

    Love it. I’m definitely in the camp of ‘missed this part of the regular gig’. Look forward to more.

    • danielpklein

      thanks, it just didn’t work to have me cook in far off lands when i just wanted to eat and learn from people who knew what they were doing.

  • Cheryl Haislar

    Love it! Cool moves Mirra :) Keep up the great work.

  • Maureen C Berry

    You ROCK! And I love, love, love Episode 112: A Day in India. TY.

  • ltcookies

    This was awesome, can’t wait to see more. Love the setup of the show already

  • Michelle Horovitz

    Love it!

  • Norman

    Love the cooking video. Also, I’ve watched a few times and still can’t get the move down.

  • Lisa M

    Love the cooking video! So great to see the two of you having fun in the kitchen.

  • Mark Kohler (& Lucy)

    Nice moves in the kitchen!