Mirra’s former Life

Ya’ll don’t know that much about Mirra.  I know, I know… she writes great blog entries, sooo much better than mine.  It doesn’t matter that she guzzles coca cola and love chickens more than people, she’s good at blogging. But do you know why…?

Before The Perennial Plate, before Mirra and I met in a cheese shop and had our second date at Mexican Karaoke, she had another job.  She was a NYC dog walker.  That may not sound that interesting, but she had a dog walking company and a dog walking BLOG.  THAT is why she’s so good at making fun of me and providing insite into people’s lives.  She did it for a year with dogs.  So, if you are a fan of Mirra and her work, I suggest you meander over to her former blog NY POOCH PATROL.  You can hear about her petite self getting humped, pooped on and dragged across Manhattan.  Its well worth your time and will explain her mad skillz.