Season 3 NYC Premier and Japanese Dinner Party – Oct 25!

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I will be collaborating with chefs Sean Brock of McCrady’s and Husk Restaurants and Brad McDonald of Governor to do a Japanese themed dinner at Governor Restaurant in Brooklyn on October 25th.  The dinner will be held to celebrate the launch of The Perennial Plate’s Season Three; ‘Real Food World Tour’.  The evening will also feature the premiere of the first video of the season, a focus on The Perennial Plate’s travel through Japan.

The October 25th Season Launch dinner will use our travels in Japan as its creative foundation. The idea of Japanese tradition explored and reinterpreted through Western sensibility will be the theme on which the menu will be built.  Each chef will contribute two courses inspired by the rich tradition of Japanese food culture as well as by ingredients local to New York for a total of six courses.  They will also consult with the sake and shochu experts at Southern Wine & Spirits of New York to develop cocktails and sake pairings to accompany each course.  The dinner is $85 per person plus $45 sake and cocktail pairing before tax and tip.  Contact Governor Restaurant at 718.858.4756 or [email protected] for more details and to make a reservation.

GAIJINNER (Foreigners making Japanese food)

Evening of October 25th

Governor, 15 Main Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC

Chefs: Daniel Klein, Sean Brock, Brad McDonald

Reservations: 718.858.4756 or [email protected]

6 courses for $85pp, +$45 for sake pairing

Sponsors: Governor, Intrepid Travel, Southern Wine & Spirits, Japan Tourism

3 responses to “Season 3 NYC Premier and Japanese Dinner Party – Oct 25!”

  1. Cory says:

    Booked it, if it is as good as the dinner at Prune was then it will be well worth it.

  2. Emilianna says:

    Can those who don’t drink opt out of the sake pairing?

    • danielpklein says:

      yes, there is no obligation to drink. the sake pairing is extra. there is currently a 5:45 reservation available, otherwise, there will be slots opening up next week.

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